We are licensed Montessori family daycare/child care center in Newark, CA. Our mission is to provide best in class child care facility where every child explores their full potential to the unlimited prospect of life. The owner is Montessori certified teacher with extensive experience and reputation to raise kids and provide best in class education and childhood experience through her creative approach. We are small, we focus on empowering individual children with attention to detail; utilizing a unique balance of freedom and responsibility. We create an environment where every child feels comfortable, loved, safe, engaged and embraced.
We are conveniently located near Lincoln Elementary School and Pacific Research Center (Immediately over the Dumbarton Bridge adjacent to State Highway 84).
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Pink Tower

“…Nabanita’s dedication to her students is exceptional… consistently brings creativity and innovation into her classroom activities… effectively addresses different learning styles… well-respected by teachers and staff…” – Kalpana Singh, Former Director, Montessori School of Downtown, Houston, TX

Dedication & commitment!

Our care of the children should be governed not by the desire to ‘make them learn things’ but by the endeavor always to keep burning within them the light which is called intelligence.


Maria Montessori